Vibe Visuals: A Time Machine Worth a Million Words

Recently engaged? Congrats! Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also get way out of hand, way quick. Who should you ask to stand up with you? Do you really need wedding favors? We get it, girl! While we don't have alllll the answers, we do have your back when it comes to your hair and makeup. We also have a few well trusted and loved vendors in our corner. This month, we interviewed one of our favorite (and most trusted) wedding videographers, Katie, with Vibe Visuals. Katie talks all things videography to help navigate one of the most frequently sought after services, wedding film.

First things first... .let's address the elephant in the room... what is proper pronunciation of videographer?

Vid - E- Og- Ruh- Fur

Our minds were a little blown when we learned we were saying it wrong all these years! Ok, on a real note, why should someone hire a videographer for their wedding? Aren't photos enough?

10 years from now, will you remember the manner in which you held your hands as you walked down the aisle? Will you be able to recall the sound of your grandparent’s sweet voices or the soft whispers nobody else could hear while you were at the altar? The way your partner looked at you the night you solidified your love story? Wedding videography allows you to relive the most precious and sacred moments of your day. You can hear the voices of lost loved ones, see the pure emotion on guest's faces, and bask in the same feelings you relished in on the day of your wedding, even years after you felt them. You get to relive that day.

When you invest in a wedding film, you invest in more than a picture worth a thousand words - you invest in a time machine worth a million.

Whoa! So true when you break it down like that! We've noticed wedding films can be vastly different from one to the next, how would you describe your style?

I really like the idea of timelessness and a classic feel. I tend more toward deep and sultry vibes versus a "light and airy" style. Definitely more moody.

Are there any other professionals in your area you love to work with?

I get to work with some incredibly talented beings full of personality in this industry. A few of my favorites are Angie at Elegant Reflections Photography, Kaylee at Uplifted Salon, and Eric at High Impact Entertainment.

Ok... we're blushing... we love working with you and having you in the salon! When do you start and stop shooting? Do you spend the whole day with the wedding party?

I am with the couple for 8 hours on their wedding day, typically more toward 10. I like to arrive and start shooting when hair and makeup are just about finished, because nobody likes to be on camera when they don't feel glam. I follow their story throughout the day, jumping between bridal suite and groom suite, into the evening reception shenanigans!

Thats a long time! What is included in your packages/pricing?

I work on a base package system, with additions in "a la carte" style format. My base package includes:

  • High Definition resolution visuals

  • 8 hours of film coverage on wedding day

  • 5-8 minute customized highlight film

  • Digital copy (MP4) : can be downloaded directly to your computer/device

  • Premium music

  • Customized voice overs & interviews

  • Frequent & direct contact with Vibe Visuals

  • Travel : Weddings within 3 hours from Kirksville, MO are included in the package

For details, pricing, and additions that can be added to the base package, couples can fill out a contact form at my website

It seems like there is a lot that goes on between booking, shooting, and editing! Can you explain the process?

This is such a great question as I don't think it is fully understood what goes into a wedding film.

1. When a client contacts me, my priority is to be able to provide them with a film that captures them as authentically as possible, as well as matches my style. One measure I take to ensure this happens, is a detailed inquiry/contact form, asking them to bare their love story (all the juicy details!). I make sure they have taken a look at my films to ensure that we vibe well. If they decide we're a good match and want to book, I get them in the calendar and then the fun begins!

2. Next, I send them an extensive questionnaire that includes questions like "What would friends and family say about your style as a couple?" and "What scenes and moments would you like captured most? Are there any specific visions you have for your wedding film?" This questionnaire is designed to really hone in on who they are and which personality traits they want exploited in their film.

3. We schedule several phone calls or FaceTime sessions (in person is best if we live close to one another!) in order to go over all the nitty gritty details and ensure that I know where to be and when on the wedding day. This also lets the couple know exactly what I will be doing on their big day, as well as what I need from them to make their film gorgeous.

4. On the wedding day, I interact with the couple, their family, and their friends as if I were one of them. I get ready with them, listen to their memories, capture their excitement, and follow them into their next chapter as a married couple.

5. After the wedding day, I start the importing all footage, backing the footage up just in case, and culling (sorting) it into each section of the day (getting ready, details, ceremony, speeches, post-ceremony photos, reception, etc.). After looking through the 8 hours of footage captured, I start picking songs based on their preferred genres and their personalities. With most couples, I also storyboard in order to tell their story as authentically as possible (see a theme here!?).

6. When I have chosen music, I start selecting the clips that work best for each stage of the story. This is longest part of the process, totaling anywhere from 35-45 hours. I make sure that each selected clip goes well with the music, and is of great quality. I go back and watch it over and over, replacing, adding, reducing and cutting clips along the way. I spend time adding coordinating effects, transitions, sound design, and color grading/color correcting the film. I always ask someone else to watch it with me before I finalize it, so that I can get a second opinion!).

7. Finally, I export each version of the film (one for the couple to download, one for Facebook, One for Youtube, etc.) and then upload it to the couple's folder.


You are a rockstar and totally have us convinced you are the best of the best! Last but not least, where can we go to learn more about your services?

Check out Vibe Visuals films at, Instagram and Facebook @vibevisualsvideo, and on youtube!

We can't thank Katie enough for taking the time out to talk with us and help our bride to be's navigate through a bit of wedding planning! If you are a 2020 fall bride, our bridal calendar at Uplifted is officially open.

Happy Planning Babe,

Uplifted Salon

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