3 Tips That Are Sure To Turn Heads At Your Holiday Party

It's that time of year again. Just about every weekend is jammed packed with somewhere to go or someone to see and your brain is in holiday overdrive. With all the to-do's this month, it's easy to let those holiday parties slip up on you! Suddenly you find yourself with nothing to wear and you haven't even given your hair and makeup a second thought. This year, we aren't going to let that be you! We've put together 3 simple tips to make sure you will turn heads at your holiday party! If your more of a visual learner, have no fear, we will be going live on Facebook throughout the month and breaking down each of these tips step by step for you. Tip #1: Old Hollywood glam is going to be popping up everywhere this holiday season. We get, hearing the word "glam" can be completely overwhelming. The truth is a glam look can be much easier to master than a subtle one. Our secret weapon? Berry lipstick. Berry toned lipstick is the cousin to a classic red lip, but it's a little easier to pull off. While we love a good red, finding a shade that works for your skin tone can be tricky and time consuming. For finding your perfect shade of berry, a good rule of thumb is that mahogany and plum shades look universally good on everyone! Is all you need to do once you have found your desired berry color of choice is line your pre-moisturized lips with a similar toned lip liner ( a liner the same shade as your natural lip color will do the trick too!) and then apply your lip stick. Tip #2: Sticking true with the old Hollywood glam vibe is big, soft waves. This look offers so many variations, so don't be afraid to make it your own! The easiest way to achieve this classic look is with a medium sized barrel curling iron. You are also going to need to have heat protectant, texturizing spray, hairspray, and duckbill clips before diving in. We know, that was a long checklist. Don't get overwhelmed, it's easier than you think! Step One: Lightly spray your heat protectant throughout your hair. Step Two: Part your hair into six- eight vertical sections. Step Three: Using your curling iron, curl your first section away from your face. Carefully holding the curl in the palm of your hand, take your duckbill clip and pin the curl. You'll want to pin the curl in the same direction and position it was in when you used your iron. Step Four: Repeat step 3 on the remaining sections. Step Five: Once you have allowed each pinned section to cool, carefully remove the clips, allowing your curls to fall on their own. Step 6 (optional): If you have fine hair, consider lightly spraying your hair with a FLEXIBLE HOLD hairspray. Step 7: Carefully shake out each section, allowing it to loosen and form as one large, soft wave. Your texturizing spray will come into play here, spray each section lightly while using the shaking motion. This will allow the curl to fall into a nice uniform pattern. Step 8: Once your have your waves where you like them, spray the with your regular hold hairspray of choice! Tip #3 for the holidays is simple: dry shampoo. Maybe you have two events in a row to go too, dry shampoo will allow your to recycle your soft waves from the night before. Maybe time just totally got away from you, no worries, dry shampoo will save the day. Maybe you are stuck at your inlaws house for a week and only have one small bathroom to share, dry shampoo will never fail you. We suggest a dry shampoo that is lightweight, buildable, and doesn't leave white residue when used. Any good dry shampoo will allow you to apply as sparingly or liberally as your heart desires. There you have it! 3 tips that will be sure to help you turn heads (and save time) at your next holiday party! We told you it could be easy! Still not sure where to start? Don't forget, we will be breaking down all 3 of these tips step by step over the coarse of the month over on our facebook page. We will go over recommended products as well as answer any questions you have about customizing this look to your own personal needs. Happy Holidays -Uplifted Salon

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