Hydrate Your Hair

Summer is officially here! If you are anything like us this year, you are living for days soaking up the sun. What better way to social distance than on a boat, a raft, or pool?! All the extra time in the sun can leave locks pretty dehydrated! We have compiled a list of our favorite preventive tips to keep our hair hydrated!

Shampoo Less!

This one is super simple and totally doable this summer with so many of us working from home. We encourage you to push past your normal shampoo routine. Try a ball cap, switch up your part, or rock a cute pony to get through. Why? When you shampoo, it can be drying. Skipping wash sessions will allow your hair’s natural oils to distribute throughout your hair and hydrate your dry ends. Learn more about training your hair here.

Treat Your Hair!

Once inside and it is time to shampoo, follow it up with a deep conditioner or mask. We love to let this serve as our Sunday self care time. Typically, it only needs to sit for 3-10 minutes, but the longer you can leave it on the better! If you really want to kick it up a notch, towel dry your hair after shampooing, apply the mask, and put on a shower cap! This allows the heat from your scalp to do it’s thing and all the nourishing goodness from the mask to dive deep into your hair’s cuticle. Simply rinse out when you're done and enjoy your oh so soft hair! We suggest using

Amika's Soulfood to do so! Buy it here!

Less Heat!

Spending the day laying out and then following it up by styling your hair with a heat tool is kind of a no go. Think of it like when you run your dryer all day… by the end of it your laundry is HOT right? It’s the same for your hair, it’s simply too much heat in one day’s time. Summer is the perfect time to prioritize when and where you use heat tools. Wanna get crazy? Try to do a no heat challenge for 1 month! We love braiding our hair and letting it dry to create a natural looking wave. If you are already a curly girl, unleash those curls babe! Learn some of our go to tricks here.

Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with one simple tip. Drink your water, babe! When you are dehydrated, your hair and skin will be the first to suffer. The general rule of thumb is to drink ½ your bodyweight in fluid ounces. Make it fun and splurge for a hydro flask or bottle you are actually excited to drink from!

Happy Hydrating,

Uplifted Salon

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