Going, Going, BLONDE!

Does quarantine have you craving lighter locks? We feel ya babe! While there isn't much to do this summer, we have found ourselves staring in the mirror wanting to switch up our looks quite often! If you too are wanting to test out the blonder side of life, we want to be sure you do so in the healthiest way possible!

1. Remember, a healthy blonde takes time! We know it's tempting to go from brunette to blonde in one session, but most times it's simply not possible. It's best to have your stylist assess the health of your hair and follow her customized suggestions for your own personal journey to blonde. (PSSSST... our salon owner, Kaylee recently went super blonde, super quick and we filmed it all with a break down here.) It's also important to remember there is no magic number of sessions that it will take to get your hair to your goal color. Every head of hair is different in what and how much it can handle.

2. What you do at home counts. Listen up babe, when going blonde you are going to spend hundreds on your lightening sessions. It makes zero sense to wash all that hard work, money, and time spent down the drain with a $10 shampoo from Walgreens. The better your at home care, the better (and usually quicker) your color results will be. For at home care for the blonde life, we suggest using Amika's Bust Your Brass shampoo and conditioner, Soulfood nourishing mask, and Blockade heat defense serum.

3. Stay out of the sun! Too much direct sun time is going to dehydrate your hair, and (if going for an icy blonde) fade your color. If you just can't fight the urge to spend time in the summer sun, we suggest using Amika's The Shield. This humidity spray has UV protectant in it, so basically it's like a weightless sunscreen for your hair!

Going blonde is a huge commitment, but it's also a ton of fun! We say if you are ready to get serious about starting your blonde journey, then go for it! Remember to trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Blonder days are ahead,

Uplifted Salon

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