A Look Back on 2 Years

Uplifted Salon is 2 years old?! Can you believe it! At times, it feels like the salon has always been a part of my life, other times it feels like it's still brand new! Similar to parenthood, huh?

If you have been along for the ride since day one or are a new face around here, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. It STILL blows my damn mind to think that Uplifted is an actual business that actual people want to be a part of. Hearing you guys say you loved our newsletter or compliment the decor? That is icing on our already oh so sweet birthday cake and we NEVER get tired of hearing it. For this month's blog I thought it would be perfect to look back on where we started and reflect upon where are now! This might FULLY have the same vibe as that yearly brag letter your Aunt Sally sends out around the holidays... but also I might be completely 100% into those brag letters... ( keep 'em comin' Auntie)...

Without further adue, lets look back on Uplifted...

Year One: The Hustle.

Our first year in business can accurately be defined as the year we HUSTLED. I can tell you I didn't sleep much, traded several meals with my family for meals over a laptop, and in general, never stopped. My husband didn't stop either, he stepped up and helped keep our household running. He gained the new title of repair man around the salon, fixing literally anything and everything at the drop of a hat. He also spent what free time he did have running salon errands or cleaning for us... when I tell you my husband is a saint.. I'm not kidding. I'll forever be grateful to him for believing in my dream and dropping everything to move mountains to make it all happen.

Guess who else didn't stop in year one? Our team, the lovely humans you know as Uplifted Stylists. Each of them signed on based off seeing a construction zone and a floor plan. From there, they hit the ground running. When they weren't with our amazing guests, they were in the back talking all things formulas, marketing, and more.

You guys were so excited to see the salon and literally blew up our social media with notifications of the cutest photos with sweetest captions about your visits. Thanks to those posts, our clientele list grew at an insanely rapid rate. Together, we set the foundation and made a name for Uplifted Salon.

Year Two: The Year of Gratitude.

As we rang in year two, we also celebrated the news of my second pregnancy. If you're a fellow momma, you know there is nothing like the 1st trimester to force you to get some sleep. The demand to get some sleep, in turn demanded me to get a little more intentional with my dedicated work time. Year two also brought several hardships in my personal life. I spent a lot of time in hospitals for both my pregnancy and to spend time with a loved one in her final days of life. As most people are aware, anytime you experience a particularly difficult time in your personal life, your professional life usually suffers. Despite how hard I tried to push myself to shove it allll down deep and keep up with the grind, I couldn't. Life was (rightfully) forcing me to slow down. I spent a good portion of year two honoring my family, my growing baby, and focusing on the good.

In the mean time, I learned to lean heavily on others. The Uplifted team held it doooooown. From managing clients at a moments notice, to keeping things tidy, to letting me know how much they believed our vision, they were THERE. I will never find enough ways to express the love and appreciation I have for every single human that was a shining light during that time.

Just like year one, the amount of clients who sat in our chairs continued to grow! We saw more and more new faces thanks to your referrals! As a result, we welcomed Jason, Marisa, and Haley to our team to help us keep up with the demand. We also gave the salon a mini decor update, switched our retail line to 100% Amika products, oh, and I had a baby! We celebrated the holidays, and had a highly competitive Ugly Sweater Contest, where once again, Lexie kicked our butts.

We spent a lot of time looking at the business as a whole and determined what was working and what was no longer serving the business. Year two was filled with several goodbyes, but even more hellos. Each human who left and entered my life was meant to do so and I'll forever be grateful for the lessons they've taught me.

Year Three: What Will It Be?

So what's in store for year three?

Well babe... I'm glad you asked. I can feel it in my veins that year three will be our very best year yet! As I mentioned, we spent the end of year two auditing our business and learning what was working and what wasn't. Year three is the year we tighten the ship. That's right... we are taking things to a whole 'nother level!

You may have noticed this month's newsletter got a bit of a face lift;) Our new and improved newsletter is just the first of several changes you can expect to see over the course of year three!

Whew!!! There you have it, the past 2 years in 1,000 words or less! From the depths of my soul, thank YOU for being here. Thank you for your feed back, your facebook likes, your appointments, and everything in between. The fact remains true that Uplifted Salon wouldn't be a success if it weren't for you and this will never be lost on me.

Join us all this week to snag a fun hair clip or scrunchie and indulge in some goodes ( cough, cough, pop the champagne ya'll! ) as my very small way of thanking you for all the huge things you've done for us.

Cheers to you Babe,

Kaylee Concannon, Uplifted Salon

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