Hello Holiday Hair

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is officially here! It's no secret that the winter season brings hair struggles. It's also no secret that we want to look our best for holiday events but often simply fall short with time. We've complied a list of our 3 favorite ways to show up feeling our very best during the winter months!

Trim + Tone

This time of year just about everyone is complaining about dry ends! You're not alone sister and we have a simple solution! We like to refer to this service as a treat and tone

This easy, time efficient service is

perfect for anyone, but especially for those with dimensional color. With this service, we recommend getting a healthy cut and a gloss service at the same time. The cut will get rid of your unwanted damaged ends and the gloss will re-tone your locks as well as smooth down your cuticle.

Scalp Reset + Deep Conditioner

Product buildup and dry scalp are no stranger to the winter season. If you are finding yourself feeling like your hair is just never clean, it may be time for a scalp detox! This simple treatment takes only a few minutes at the shampoo bowl and will remove product buildup as well as aide your dry scalp (pssst.. Not sure if it’s dry scalp or dandruff? Learn more here.) We love following this service up with a deep conditioner to feed moisture back into your thirsty ends.

Bonus: For the month of December, we are offering our Winter Mint treatment. It’s a triple threat service that will treat both your scalp and ends with a bit of aromatherapy.

Retail Rehab:

Give yourself the gift of cutting back the time you spend on your locks each morning! Let’s be completely real… this time of year is hectic and there flat out isn’t time for daily hair struggles. Do yourself a massive favor momma, buy the products! Our top 3 favorites for rehabbing your hair around the holidays are:

  • The Shield. It’s a heat protectant, a humidity blocker, and style extender allll rolled into one.

  • Fluxus touchable hair spray… this touchable hairspray keeps the fly aways at bay and never leaves your hair feeling “crunchy” like classic hairsprays are known to do.

  • Perk Up dry shampoo… because on a very real level… who has time to shampoo their locks when they are busy playing Santa and moving that dang Elf on the Shelf around?! Did we mention you can get every single one of these products in our “Money Maker” holiday set for only $60?! That is $39 in savings! As a wise women once told us, “this sale is so good, I can’t afford NOT to shop.”

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