Planning For The Perfect Family Photoshoot

Nervous about what you will have your family wear for a photoshoot? You know the ones that are pinterest perfect? Cohesive but not too matchy matchy? Don't worry, we've got your back and so does Rhiannon Trask with Lollipop Photography. Recently, Kaylee set down with Rhiannon and asked alllllll the questions. True to form, Rhiannon had alllllll the answers and we can't wait to share what she had to say!

Family photos can be so stressful, what advice do you have in keeping the stress at bay? You can definitely calm any anxiety you're feeling by remembering that we've seen it all and we are ON YOUR TEAM! From toddler tantrums to baby diaper blowouts, from sweaty dads to gale-force winds...I'm here to work with the situation and give you the best family photo experience! And if things are truly terrible, I will always offer to reschedule at no extra cost. Beautiful photos of your family is our bottom line.

When I arrive, we will spend some time getting us all comfortable with each other. Please let me know anything you're self-conscious about! I'm going to work with you to minimize any insecurities so they are less prominent in your photos. To get kiddos on my side, I'll make up silly names, find out their favorite animal or Disney princess, and just meet them where they are and quell any anxieties THEY'RE feeling. We're about to have FUN!

What advice do you have when it comes to coordinating outfits? This is the most common question I receive! Think comfortable, simple and classic. The first thing I recommend thinking about is what you will be doing with your family photos. If you’re going to display them in your house, think about the colors you use in your decorating. I’m certainly not suggesting you dress to match your sofa, but choose clothing colors that would complement your décor. The second timeless tip is to dress yourself first. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing it will show in the photos. Then choose complimentary colors for your family. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for finding colors that look great together and may help spark outfit ideas with what you already own! Tip three, don’t be afraid of layers! Layers give us some options to work with and provide visual interest to the photo. Finally, make sure everyone in the group is wearing the same style of clothing (dressy, elegant, casual, etc.).

Now that we know what to do when it comes to picking out our clothing, are there any looks or outfits we should avoid entirely? You probably want to avoid licensed characters, busy patterns, text, and overexposure of skin (especially on any areas you are self-conscious about).

Last outfit question… How many outfit changes is too many outfit changes in your opinion? Any more than two outfits eats up a lot of time and cuts down on the number of photos we can get during a one-hour session.

Onto hair and makeup… are there any hair and makeup looks you feel photograph better than another? Apply makeup like you normally wear it, but just a little heavier on your eyes (don't over-do it—a little extra eyeliner, mascara, or false eyelashes can go a long way).

As for hair, I love when moms wear their hair down because it frames their face. If it's particularly windy that day, you might clip a few pieces back away from your face so we're not battling flyaways the whole time.

(Read: The Uplifted Team totally agrees! If you don't feel confident in your styling abilities, scheduling a blowout for the morning of your photoshoot is always a great option!)

What time of day is the best for photos? Does the timing vary season by season? Each photographer is different, but the general consensus is that golden hour light---the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset---is the best for photos. Obviously, the exact time will vary depending on sunrise/sunset times each season. My personal favorite is afternoon light---generally from 5-8pm in the summertime.

That all said, schedule your session when your baby and children are the happiest and most playful! Is she a morning person? An afternoon? Ideally, the best time is when he won’t be hungry or tired. If we've got a happy baby, I'll MAKE the light look good!

How long does a typical photo session take? Our photo sessions last about an hour, but we offer mini sessions and longer sessions too! Don't worry---it is not an entire hour of trying to make your baby look at the camera. We mix in interactive photos, games, and movement, along with the standard portraits of your family and individuals.

What tips do you have for keeping little ones happy? As I’ve said before, relax! Babies and kiddos can pick up on mom or dad's energy or tension, and we want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved! With toddlers, preschoolers, and older kiddos, talk about how much fun you're going to have at the park with tickle fights, snuggle bugs, family races, and jumping contests.

Bring a favorite toy or book that you wouldn't mind having in a few photos. It definitely helps to have some water and a quick bite-sized snack or two on hand in case anyone needs a snack break.

In today’s digital world, it’s so rare to actually print photos. How do you suggest narrowing down which images to print? Channel your inner Marie Kondo and print what brings you joy! Try to let go of "supposed to prints" and only print what makes YOU happy.

For those of us (cough, cough ME), who rarely order prints, what is the best form of storage for our digital images? The rule of thumb for backups is the 3-2-1 system...three copies, two different types of media, and one copy offsite. In practical purposes, that may mean one copy on your computer, one copy on an external hard drive, and one copy in the cloud with a program like Backblaze, Carbonite, or Dropbox.

This applies to your phone photos too! Don't forget to regularly download your phone images and keep those backed up.

Any final words of advice for a pain free and successful family photo session?

Pick a photographer you trust and whose work you like, and then keep seeing them regularly for photos. Kiddos remember whether the photo-taking experience was fun or stressful, and they will definitely start to open up and show their true personalities to someone over time.

By the time they're in the "awkward kid" or "I don't want to smile" phase, they'll by familiar with their photographer and think of them as a friend. I've seen this in several families I've captured as they grow up, and I can usually tell a difference in the behavior of kiddos who haven't worked with me before. Return kiddos are truly EXCITED to get their photos taken.

Last but not least, where can we find you for our family photos this fall? Any mini sessions coming up?

We have all of our regular and mini session dates on our online calendar on our website:!

Before we sign off, we want to send a giant thanks to Rhiannon Trask and the entire Lollipop Photography team for taking the time to answer these questions, use of all the images in this blog post, and for their continued hard work with images of our team, salon, and families!

Happy Photo Taking,

-Uplifted Salon

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