Humidity Hair Hacks!

Helllllllllo August... aka the hottest month of the year. If you've been in Missouri for any amount of time, you know along with the heat comes humidity. Will you wake up with tousled tresses? Will you waking looking like Mufasa himself? With the humidity, no one can reallllly say for sure. We've compiled a quick list of our go to tricks to keep our lioness locks at bay.

1. It starts with your shower. Amika's Velveteen Dream smoothing shampoo and conditioner is specifically designed to fight frizz. The fight to frizz free is no different than any other goal, you need a solid base to start. This line works best for those with coarse/thick hair.. you can learn more about determining your hair type here.

2. Give it your all with The Shield. We're constantly talking about our favorite style extending spray and all it's uses, but if there were ever a time to brag on what The Shield can do, the time is NOW! You won't find us leaving home without it! Not only does it give your hair protection from humidity, it's actually heat activated, meaning it can be used as thermal protection too! If your hair falls flat or frizzes out in the humidity, The Shield is for you!

3. Give up and give in! Some days you just can't win! On these days we encourage you to grab a sea salt spray and a curl cream and unleash your inner curly girl! If you don't have enough natural texture to truly embrace, braids will be your best friend! Check out some of our favorite braided looks and learn how to achieve them here!

Here's to hoping for humidity free hair!

- Uplifted Salon

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