Make Your Color Last Longer

Picture this: You just left the salon, your stylist totally nailed your color, and that blow out? It's to die for. You find yourself sitting in your car for a solid 5 minutes snapping selfies and sending them to your friends. You love your hair and wish it could look this way every single day! While the amazing blowout will leave your locks after you suds up with some shampoo, your killer new color doesn't have too! Follow these simple tips to help your color last!

Wait 72 hours after your color service to shampoo! Waiting 72 hours after a freshly done color allows the hair's cuticle to totally seal back down. During the color service, the chemicals used expand your cuticle, allowing the color to work. So put down

the bottle sister and give your locks a break!

Speaking of shampoo, it's incredibly crucial for the lifespan of your color to use a professional shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free. You can read more about finding the right shampoo for your hair type here.

So now that you know when to shampoo and what to look for in your own shampoo and the time has finally arrived to suds up, be sure you have the water set to a cooler temperature. Remember how we said your hair's cuticle expands during the color service? It also expands when it's placed under high heat, such as water. Shampooing with room temperature or lukewarm water will help keep your color in place! When using cooler water, it's important to note you may need to follow the classic directions of lather, rinse, repeat. This is because the cooler water simply doesn't clean as quickly as a hot water does. One major bonus? Cooler water will increase shine and decrease frizz!

Cooler temperature aren't just for in the shower! Just like how your hair's cuticle expands during the color service and in hot water, it does the same when using styling tools! First things first, make sure you have your iron set to an appropriate temperature for your hair type! Learn more about that here. In addition to turning down your irons, be sure you are using a heat protectant each and every time you use your heat tools. We are huge fans of both The Shield and Blockade, simply apply before you use your flat iron or curling iron!

Last but not least, be sure you are keeping your hair safe from the sun! ☀️ The UV rays from the sun can not only be extremely drying and damaging, but they'll strip out your color quickly! Our go to product to protect our locks is The Shield! Think of it as sunscreen for your hair! Spray it on before you head to the beach or pool and you are good to go!

Be sure to keep these simple to follow tips in mind after your next color appointment to keep your color looking it's very best!


-Uplifted Salon

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