Which shampoo is right for you?

"What shampoo should I get?!"

It's the classic question you find yourself asking your stylist, your bestie, and really anyone with hair! There are literally millions of options on the market and often times we look to those who have hair we envy when searching for our next shampoo and conditioner duo. Your shampoo/conditioner set the stage for the rest of your hair care routine, so knowing what will work for your hair is extremely important! We've curated a step by step guide on what factors to consider when making your purchase!

Step One: Determine Your Hair Type

Knowing if your hair is fine, medium, or coarse is key when selecting your products.

Fine Hair has the smallest diameter and often can be limp, although very soft. Be careful not to get confused, often times those who have a lot of fine hair will describe their hair as "thick" and will gravitate towards products created for those with coarse hair. Fine hair can range from very thin to very dense. You'll want a shampoo and conditioner that is light weight.

We recommend Amika's 3D shampoo and conditioner for our fine hair clients who feel their hair is on the thinner side, as this line is both volumizing and thickening.

Medium Hair is not considered fine nor coarse. If you have medium hair you likely have been told your hair is easy to work with. This is because your strands have style memory. Medium hair types often times have the most freedom when choosing their shampoo and conditioner, but will need to take factors like the hair's history and current condition into consideration.

We recommend Amika's Normcore shampoo and conditioner as an everyday shampoo for those with medium hair. It will leave the hair clean, healthy, and shiny as the formula is infused with a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. If you ever find yourself saying "My hair isn't fine, it isn't coarse, its normal!" This is the set for you!

Coarse Hair has the largest diameter of each hair strand. It's often unruly and said to "have a mind of it's own" as it is more prone to frizz. Typically, coarse hair responds well to a heavier shampoo and conditioner set.

We recommend Amika's Velveteen Dream shampoo and conditioner to our course hair clients. This smoothing duo is designed to fight frizz, smooth and protect hair from humidity.

Step Two: Your Hair's History

So... now that you know your hair type, let's talk about your hair's history! Often times we forget about all our hair has been through when selecting our products!

The history of your hair plays a huge role in determining what type of products it needs, specifically when if you are a salon created blonde or if you have had a smoothing treatment done.

For salon created blondes, no matter what your hair type you'll want to be sure you have a purple shampoo and conditioner in the mix. Purple shampoo should be alternated with your everyday shampoo to help ensure your blonde stays bright. Click here to learn more about purple shampoo!

We recommend Amika's Bust Your Brass shampoo and conditioner for our blonde babes!

We advise no matter what your hair color, type, or texture to avoid sulfates, but this is especially important for those who receive smoothing treatment services. If you have had a smoothing or keratin treatment done, you'll want to be 100% sure your cleansing system is sulfate free. After shampooing just 7 times with a system containing sulfates your smoothing treatment will be completely stripped from your hair. Rest assured, every single shampoo and conditioner we carry is sulfate free.

Step 3: Current Condition

Different seasons sometimes leave our strands requesting different products! If you find yourself feeling frizzy and overly dry, finding a moisture shampoo like Velvteen Dream is your best bet! If you are finding your hair is dry, brittle and difficult to comb through this is a tell tale sign that your hair is lacking protein! In this instance, we would recommend investing in Olaplex's full system which contains shampoo, conditioner, and a treatment.

It is incredibly important that your hair have a healthy balance of both protein and moisture. Too much of one or the other can completely throw your hair off balance leaving you with a mess!

If you ever find your hair feels mushy, fuzzy and will not respond to hot tools (think of cotton candy) this likely means your hair is damaged beyond repair. The only solution to this is a haircut. No amount of product or conditioner can repair hair damaged to this degree. This is also true for split ends. While split ends are far less severe, smoothing products will only mask the issue. Once you have a split end, it will only continue to split up your hair shaft until it's cut off. The very best way to avoid split ends or extremely damaged hair is by using professional products purchased from a salon and regular hair cuts.

Next time you find your shampoo and conditioner is running low, we hope you'll remember these considerations when making your selections! We are always more than happy to make a personalized recommendation for your hair type as well as send you home with a sample!

-Uplifted Salon

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