A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

We can hardly believe it's been a year since we first opened the doors to Uplifted Salon! It's been a year of growth, a year of learning, and all in all an amazing twelve months. Just a year ago we were total strangers (if you don't believe us, look back at our AWKWARD team photos where we had to pretend to be besties) and now we are a little family.

As we reflect upon the year, our eyes fill up with tears and our hearts with pride. What was once spreadsheets, crunching numbers, and floor plans is now a beautiful salon space. It's a place where women come to feel beautiful and a place where we do our best to make them feel amazing inside and out. You'll hear it said over and over again, it's our mission to inspire, empower, and Uplift every one who walks in our doors and we have to say, we think we are doing a pretty great job at doing so.

So who makes up this little family?!

We've got Kaylee, our leader. She holds the group together and keeps us flowing as a team. She has an eye for detail and a love for lived in hair. There's Angie, who radiates positivity, education, and can cut a bob like no other. Next we have Lexie, our balayage babe. She's high energy, high talent, and it's impossible to have a conversation with her without laughing. Then comes Delora. Delora is one of the kindest, most accepting souls you will ever meet. She is extremely meticulous and is shows in her work! Last but not least, we have you, our amazing guests. You bring the vibe to the salon with your ideas and endless conversations. We don't say it near enough, but truly without you, none of this would be possible.

At the start of the year we sat down as a team and discussed our personal goals, our professionals goals, and our goals as a team. Moving ahead in 2019 we plan to be more organized, grow our team, update small spaces within the salon to elevate your experience, roll out some retail updates, and hone in on our overall health and well being. All in all, we want to be our very best selfs for you and for the salon 365 days of the year!

So how are we going to do it?!

For starters, we each picked a word of the year. While our words are different, they flow together to keep us in harmony with one another. Anytime we are faced with a decision, we will ask " is this in line with my word of the year?" If it isn't it's an easy no. If it is, it's obvious it's an adventure that deserves exploring.

Next up: planning. As the title of the blog suggests, we firmly believe in having a plan. In order to stay on track with our goals we rely heavily on schedules, planners, and open communication. Each Sunday, Kaylee sits down and creates a list for both her personal and professional life of what needs to done and when. From there it's carefully laying out the week day by day to ensure she stays on track. This is also where delegating and outsourcing comes into play. Things like grocery delivery, amazon subscriptions, a social media photographer, and cleaners are resources she has learned to lean on to outsource. An important detail to remember to schedule into your plan? FUN! Things that bring you peace, happiness, and love are just as important as any other "to do" on your list; Angie is a pro at this!

We can't say thank you enough for helping us reach our goals in 2018. What are your 2019 goals? How will you reach them?

Happy Planning

-Uplifted Salon

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