Bridal Trends: 2019

Engagement season is in full swing! This season is said to be the last 6 weeks of the year through Valentine's Day. When thinking about different ideas for this month's blog, it seemed wrong to talk about anything other than bridal! One of our favorite parts of each engagement season is to look back on the previous season and create our predictions!

Brides will be booking vendors sooner than ever before!

Lately we have noticed our bridal inquires are rolling in much earlier than they have in past years. Brides used to reach out to us for our services about 6-9 months before their wedding date. Now, it's much closer to the 9-12 month mark! This is proving to be especially true for dates that are consistently popular year after year. Dates we've noticed to be the most popular year after year are the last weekend in April, any weekend in June, the first weekend of September, and the first two weekends in October.

If you have one of these "in demand" dates, we encourage you to prioritize your vendors and reach out to them asap so you have your very first pick! When doing so, think about vendors that can only have one wedding per day ( ex: photographer, venue, DJ, and usually your hair and makeup team) and book with those vendors first!

Professional makeup isn't just for the Bride anymore.

This trend is one that makes us oh so excited! Several years ago, the Bride would tend to be the only one getting her makeup done professionally. Now, that couldn't be further from the truth. Typically, the Bride and her crew will all receive makeup services. Most of the time that will include the Bride and Groom's mom as well. We've even had a few occasions where the Bride requested blemish coverups for the Groom!

Speaking of makeup... in 2019 less is more!

Last season we noticed more and more of the faces we met were requesting a subtle, dewy look. This meant less foundation and more highlighter! More emphasis has been placed around eye shadow and lip stains or a bold lip for the bride is proving to be in high demand!

The dress and the hair and changing too.

It's no secret the dress and hair are meant to support one another. Dress styles are becoming much more simplistic as are the hair style requests we are getting! The images brides are bringing in are romantic, tousled, and simple. The ever popular half up hairstyle is making a slight change where only the face framing or sides are loosely pulled back. For updos: low, loose, and face framing tendrils are in high demand!

Before your bridal consultation, we recommend finding images where the model has similar hair length, texture, and density to yours! It's also important to note the majority of updo models have dimension in their hair color, so don't be afraid of a slight color change. A mini highlight ( which happens to be January's special offer) may be the perfect solution for you!

Happy Planning,

Uplifted Salon

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