So Much to be Grateful For

Kaylee here!

For this month's blog, we are digging a little deeper and I'll be coming to you on a much more personal level. November is the month of "thankful" and #blessed for the social media world. While I love seeing how well

1.330 of my closest Facebook friends are doing, I have to be honest with you, I'm struggling to feel the same.

The time of year for all things chaos is in full swing for me. It's time to plan my beautiful holiday meals, shop for holiday gifts, oh, and keep my family and business alive and running. I find as my daughter grows, this time of year feels less like fun and more like work. As I typed that last sentence, I can feel the privileged brat seeping out of my fingers. Yuck.

Here's the deal- I have an absolutely beautiful life. Sure, I have my days where nothing goes right. My husband and I fight, my child can be a real jerk, and to put it frank, being the boss can be really freaking hard some days. We all are human and it's not reality for life to constantly be perfect.

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season I have found it much more difficult to count my blessings and it truly pains me to admit that to you. Today, right here, right now in this blog post is where it stops for me.

I recently saw a quote that said "I still remember when I prayed for the things I have now."

Dagger. To. My. Heart. Just five short years ago I would have given anything for my life now and here I am complaining about it to the masses. I have a loving husband, a healthy child, and a growing business- the me 5 years ago is giving present day me a pretty dirty look right now as I complain about all the things that are "wrong".

I know I'm not alone living in this state of overwhelm, I see it all around me every single day. I'm reaching out to all of you & hoping you'll join me in being a little more grateful and a lot less overwhelmed. In an effort to help me achieve this goal, I'm choosing to focus on family, focus on self care, and focus on what genuinely matters. Is my child going to notice if she has one less present under the tree? Doubtful. Is anyone really going to care if my side dish is store bought? If they do, there are 12 other options awaiting them.

This holiday season, I'm choosing happy and I hope all of you do too.



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