Fall is in the Hair

Sweater weather has finally arrived (well depending on the time of day ...) and to put it simply, WE ARE JUMPING WITH JOY! We can smell the crisp air and hear the giggles coming from our kiddos playing in leaf piles every time we go to reach for our favorite sweater. Before we can officially reach for that sweater, it's time to say good bye to the summer season and wrap up any loose ends. For most of us this means changing out our closets, packing up the pool toys, and switching the grill for our crockpots. As you are going through these seasonal switches, we can't emphasize enough how important it is to take your hair into consideration as well! Let's face it, the summer can be ROUGH on our locks. Between beach trips, pool days, and weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks, the majority of us are in major need of a trip to the salon. We've complied our go to list of services you may want to consider at your fall hair appointment:

1.) It's time for a trim, friend.

We always suggest getting seasonal trims (at minimum) but there is truly no time better than the beginning of fall to take us up on this advice. While those days out on boat were incredible, they likely did quite the number on your ends and it's time for a fresh cut!

2.) Bye Bye Build Up, Hello Shine!

Hanging poolside is one of the very best ways to spend summer, but the chlorine build up has a reputation for hanging around far longer than your summer tan ever has! Ask your stylist to perform a clarifying treatment to your hair. This will remove any remaining chlorine build up from your hair. It's important to note that if you receive color services, following up this service up with a gloss is recommended. While clarifying is incredible, it can also lighten your color while removing the yucky summer buildup.

Side Note: Did you know the sun's UV rays actually fade your color as well? If you plan to spend plenty of days this fall out tailgating or on a sunny hike, you might want to grab Amika's The Shield while your here!

3.) Treat your hair... and your pumpkin spice craving.

Another great (and perhaps our favorite) way to heal your hair and welcome the fall is with a conditioning treatment. These treatments are highly restorative, will add moisture back into your hair, and seal down your cuticle. The end result is ridiculous shine and softness. The most exciting part about our fall treatments is that they smell like pumpkin spice! We're not even kidding you guys, they are incredible. You can add these ultra restorative and ultra yummy treatments to your service for just $10 now until November 23rd!

See ya soon,

Uplifted Salon

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