Mermaid Manes

Deep down inside all of us, there is that little girl who wishes she was a mermaid. We'll blame it on the glitter and those catchy tunes from The Little Mermaid about living under the sea. While we can't make that dream come true for you, we can offer our very best tips and tricks to having mermaid hair. It's an easier goal to reach than you might think, and we are here to help you every step of the way!


The easiest way to get a mermaid like hair texture, is to encourage your natural wave to come out. We recommend using a sea salt spray on your wet hair. The sea salt spray mimics what the ocean salt naturally does to your texture, enhancing your wave and curl. Additionally, it is equally important to use a leave in cream on your locks as the summer sun can be incredibly drying to your hair. Join us on Facebook live as we go over some of our favorites with you and show you how to use them!


This method of curling is often called a dread lock curl or a mermaid curl. It recreates a very beachy, very textured look. To create this look at home you will need a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, heat protectant, and texture spray. Once you have your hair prepped with your favorite heat protectant, grab a section of hair (Smaller section = more texture. Bigger section = looser look. ) Wrap the hair in the flat iron as you normally would, starting at the base of your hair. As you work the iron down your hair, twist the actual curling iron, keeping your ends in the iron and let the to of your hair twist freely into a tight curl. To achieve this, you will constantly be twisting the iron. We recommend trying this with your iron off first, as getting the motion down can be a bit tricky at first! Finish this look off by spraying your hair with texture spray and breaking the curls up with your hands once it has completely cooled down!


If you have mermaid colored hair, like in the image above, maintaining that color is no joke! Always rinse your hair with cool water and use minimal heat. When sleeping we recommend using a silk pillow case ( in a dark color) as well. If you are lucky enough to leave land locked Missouri for a bit this summer and take your mermaid colorerd hair to the beach- make sure you are prepping your hair beforehand by spraying in a leave in conditioner or wetting your hair before you get in the water! Side note: we are totally jealous of your hair color! It is also incredibly important to remember these vivid color sit on top of your hair, meaning they will only last with proper care and upkeep.

As always, we will dive deep into all of these topics on our facebook page! One last tip before we sign off: Minimal shampooing will be your best friend when it comes to achieving mermaid hair.

See ya on Facebook,

-Uplifted Salon

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