Unleash the Curl

Memorial day has came and went, which marks the unofficial start to the summer season! Here in mid Missouri- it's hot, it's humid, and trying to fight your natural texture is pointless. This summer, we encourage you to unleash your curl!

Is your cut right for your curl?!

Anyone who has naturally curly hair has likely gotten a not so wonderful haircut. The reason for this is because curly hair is an entirely different world. There are 3 types of curls and each different type deserves the time and attention to make sure it's being properly cut. A very popular option in the curly world is the DevaCut! A DevaCut is a cutting method that cuts curl by curl using zero tension. We are very fortunate to have 2 DevaCut certified stylists at Uplifted Salon. They will be live on facebook later this month breaking down the DevaCut and how to determine if it's right for your curl type!

Are you using the right products for your curl?!

Generally speaking, curls should be styled wet. This means any product you are putting into your curly hair should be done when your tresses are soaking wet. Whether you are using serum, styling cream, mousse, or gel applying these products in the correct order can make the world of difference! After rinsing out your conditioner you should be applying a majority of your products while your hair is still soaking wet in the shower! Leave in conditioner comes first, styling cream should be scrunched in next, and last but not least gel should be smoothed over your tresses with a praying hand motion. If you're a serum or mousse user, we recommend applying mousse when hair is 40-50% dry and serum when our hair is 80-100% dry to help add shine, softness, and moisture! Additionally, all curls are deserving of a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner, styling cream, and gel. We always recommend using a microfiber towel over cotton to help reduce frizz and keep curls clumped and intact.

Prep your curls for bed!

One of the best (and easiest) things you can do to get your best curl is to prep your hair properly for bedtime. This includes sleeping with your hair in a "pineapple", using a silk pillow case or bonnet. It's super important to never, ever, EVER sleep on wet hair and to avoid a cotton pillowcase. Cotton will rough up your cuticle and pull moisture from your hair- leaving you with frizzy, dehydrated curls. We will be showing you our favorite bed time buddies as well as how to get your best next day restyle on facebook!

Have patience for your transition! The road to your best curly head of hair won't always be smooth sailing. It takes patience, time, good product, minimal heat, and minimal shampooing to finally achieve your best curl. To make your transition smoother in addition to everything mentioned in this blog post, we suggest olaplex treatments and air drying as much as possible.

Be sure you check out our facebook page this month for even more tips and tricks on how to unleash your curl!

Happy days are ahead

-Uplifted Salon

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