Transition Your Spring Style With a Braid!

THE SUN IS AWAKE!! THE SUN IS AWAKE! THE SUN IS AWAKE! This means we can FINALLY transition our winter clothes out of our closets and give our maxi dresses and rompers an official hanger! With the spring season, also means a jammed packed schedule for most of us, leaving us with very little downtime. As much as we would all like to pretend we have perfectly blown out hair for each and every event, we aren't fooling anyone! Braids can be the perfect solution in both saving you time and leaving you with a Spring inspired style! We have put together 3 different braids and combined them with 3 different outfits leaving you prepared for any occasion the season throws at you!

Occassion #1: The Work Out Braid

With the promise of warmer weather, the gym is typically packed! More people sometimes means rushing to get there to make sure you aren't standing in line at the elliptical machine. It can also mean wanting to look a bit more presentable since you are working out next to 50 strangers. Looking debut ready and beating the 5 o'clock rush to the gym can be tricky- but we have you covered. Styling your hair into 2 oversized dutch braids that meet in the middle tied off into a bun will keep your hair cute, out of your face, and off your neck. Throw on your favorite criss cross tank top and mesh leggings for a trendy, yet effortless gym look!

Occassion #2: The Winery Braid

What better time than spring to hit up your local winery with your gal pals?! Soaking up the sun with a glass of the house white and a soft braid.. what's not to love? One of our all time favorite winery looks is a half crown braid with loose waves! It has a soft, effortless, bohemian feel that wins every single time! Pair this braid with a maxi dress or romper and you will be snapping pictures for instagram in no time... #sangariawithmysoulsisters. Go ahead and use our hashtag, we don't mind ;)

Occasion #3: The Work Braid

As much as we wish all responsibilities would disappear when the warm weather shows up- they sadly don't and we are still expected to "adult". One of our all time favorite work looks for the spring is a pull through braid! The pull through braid keeps your hair completely up and out of your face allowing you to get down to business. It's super easy to do, even when you are crunched for time. This look screams "girl boss" when put with a pair of high waisted skinnies, a loose fitting tank, and a blazer.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook where we will show you step by step how to achieve each of these braids throughout the month of May!

Until Then!

-Uplifted Salon

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