Meet Olaplex: Our Secret Weapon to Healthy Hair

April has arrived and in the salon world that officially means it's blonde season! This is the time of year where we see just about everyone wanting to lighter. Blondes are going BLONDE and even our dark haired girls are asking to add in some sun kissed color! While we admittedly love all the changes happening, the health of your hair is our #1 priority at Uplifted Salon!

NOW... Raise your hand if you have ever went lighter and your hair felt like straw when it was all said and done. We are willing to bet the majority of you have that hand raised! Thanks to Olaplex- blonde "straw" hair can be a thing of that past.


Here is the official answer provided by the Olaplex company per their website: "Olaplex is a bond multiplied containing a single active ingredient, Bis-Aminoprophy Diiglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex works by finding a single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds before, during, and after services."

Does your brain hurt a little? Ours too... now here's what that actually means for you and your hair: Any time you color your hair or apply heat to your hair, damage is being done. That's what Olaplex is talking about in their statement where they mention "bonds". Olaplaex's technology ( which has EIGHT worldwide patents - meaning it cannot and will not be re-created by any other company.) works to prevent the damage from being done, but also to rebuild any damage that may have been done during your service! YEA.... IT'S THAT AMAZING.. also they do not test on animals... which makes our hearts at Uplifted swell ;)


There are several ways Olaplex can be used, and it is important to note it is a 3 part system! (Conveniently, the names of each step are #1, #2, #3.) The most common use we see, is for our guests to add it in to their color service! This adds about 20-30 minutes onto your appointment time with us. Your stylist will add Olaplex #1 into your color, then at the shampoo bowl they will apply #2! From there you will have amazing color results with little to no damage, but we always recommend purchasing #3 as a take home treatment to maintain and strengthen your hair between your color services.

Olaplex can also be used a stand alone treatment. This option is wonderful for those with already chemically damaged hair. During this service your stylist will apply #1 mixed with distilled water to your locks, follow up with #2, shampoo your hair, and give you the option to head home with #3 for your weekly use!

We are so excited to have recently learned that Olaplex will soon be releasing #4 and #5 which will act as a take home shampoo and conditioner to even further strengthen your hair in between visits! The official release date hasn't been announced yet- but you guys know we will will be offering it to our guests as soon as we can!


Maybe you aren't one of our chemically dependent clients or you just want more of this product at your service! Olaplex has many different uses for mini- services ( think: a treatment during your haircut, help with "manageability" and more). We will be going live on our Facebook page all month long where we will dive a little bit deeper into in salon uses as well as ways you can keep the Olaplex/healthy hair party going from the comfort of your own home!

Here's to healthy hair!

-Uplifted Salon

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