Let's Talk About Self Love...

We are SCREAMING hello to February! What's not to love about this month?! It's typically the last of the brutally cold months, it's our opening month, and of course it's the month of love! At Uplifted we love, love and are celebrating our very favorite type of love, self love, allll month long!

All too often, guests will sit in our chair and instantly point to what they hate about their appearance:

"I have the worst forehead."

"My hair just sucks."

"What can you do to hide my double chin?!"

While we totally understand those insecurities (Trust us, we have them too.), wouldn't it be so much better to sit down and talk about what you do love?! Imagine the possibilities if we were able to help you to enhance those already loved features. Everyone has one completely amazing feature, and we strive to help you find it if you haven't already.

Is self love not your thing? Maybe you have absolutely no clue what we are talking about. No worries, we have compiled a quick list of simple tasks that will help you embrace who you are, both inside and out!

1.) Practice self care, BEFORE you crash and burn:

Think about the last time you hit a wall, it sucked right? Now think about your actions that led up to that moment. More than likely you weren't taking time out of your daily life to hit pause and be kind to yourself. When you take the steps to take care of yourself regularly, you'll burn out less often and far less intensely. Our favorite ways to indulge in self care include bubble baths, deep conditioning treatments, and Pure Barre. These don't have to be time consuming and can as simple as going outside alone for a few moments to gather your thoughts and find inner peace. Don't overthink these, the most important part is simply making sure you take time out for yourself each and everyday.

2.) Write a love letter:

This one is a bit more time consuming, but well worth it. There are so many different forms of the letter that you could write depending on your mood and the situation. You could write a letter to yourself as a teen: We could all use a pep talk during those years, and what a great way to reflect on how much you have grown! You could also write a love letter to your least favorite body part or even to your future self. This method of journaling is such a wonderful way to detox and refuel. We find that once we settle in and get started, we can't stop the words from flowing onto the paper!

3.) Embrace your natural beauty:

First off, this is so much less time consuming than sitting in the bathroom everyday trying to totally alter your look will ever be. There is nothing more empowering than embracing who you already are, and this extends to outer appearance. This month on our Facebook page you can catch us live where we will show you how to rock your natural texture, eyeshadow tricks that will enhance your eye color, the power of simple contour/highlighting, and more!

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